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Brooklyn Bottling is a family-owned beverage company that has been operating in the historic Hudson Valley for over 30 years. Our reputation is based on solid market and consumer understandings. Our customers value our manufacturing capabilities and our commitment for quality, value and innovation.
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• Full service beverage manufacturing and co-packing.

• Family owned – we treat your brand like one of our own.

• Efficient bottling and packaging solutions.

• Small & large scale production flexibility.

Brooklyn Bottling has invested in the contract bottling industry for many years. Our comprehensive range of services are specifically developed and tailored in response to the needs of our customers. Our capabilities range from production of juices and juice cocktails, energy drinks, teas, seltzers, sport drinks, flavored waters, and soft drinks.

With our high level of expertise and innovative approach, we always strive to present the best possible options to our partners.  We have extensive experience working with many of the largest names in the beverage industry.  These relationships have enabled us to develop smooth and efficient processes both for the mass market and for specialty and niche markets.

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